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19 Days Late: Our New Years Resolutions

19 Jan

And here they are…(p.s. really starting to LOVE

1. Enjoy life more.

This means traveling, going to the movies, seeing a show at the Fox or Dad’s Garage, going on more runs, dog park adventures and hikes, cooking meals TOGETHER (I tend to take over in the kitchen…bad habit…admitted control freak) and not just plopping down in front of the TV after a long day.

2. Volunteer.

In NC I volunteered at The Children’s Home in Tice Cottage. We offered respite care for children with developmental disabilities. I previously worked with children with disabilities during an internship with college and loved how rewarding and humbling it was so this seemed like a perfect fit for me. I NEED to find something like this in Atlanta.

3. Get closer with family.

This totally makes it sound like we’re not close with our families but nothing could be farther from the truth. What we mean here is learning more about our families and their personal stories. My grandparents lost family in the Holocaust and both of my grandparents were in the military. We want to know their stories and to document those stories. Ben’s dad was in the Air Force, worked as an underwater treasure hunter in Key West and his brother caught his first car on fire. I also want to document these stories. We want to know who our parents and grandparents were, not just who they are now.

4. Be a nice person, all the time.

Ok this one is a Sara resolution. I can be as sweet as pie at times, but something will set me off (I promise this doesn’t happen often), I loose my cool and I’m an uber bitch. This is a terrible quality, and one I desperately want to shake. In the coming year I am going to work on realizing that I’m about to lose it and coming back down to the earth before shooting flames from my mouth.

5. Deal with stress better.

Both Ben and I are serious Type A people. We strive for perfection and are slowly realizing that you can’t be perfect in every aspect of your life all the time. We both need to learn how to take a breather and lower our stress levels with other outlets (running, yoga, etc.) so we don’t take it out on each other.

6. Be kind to ourselves.

Obviously, this one includes being good to our bodies. Eating well, exercising and being social are all things that we enjoy and need to do more often (can you really get enough of these?). We also need to be kind to ourselves mentally. When we’ve had a tough day at work and we feel like we suck at life we need to learn to take a step back and give ourselves credit for all the great things we bring to the professional table. This one goes hand in hand with #5.

7. Smile more.

There is a ton of research out there about the positive effects that smiling can have on you and others around you. We both need to do it more often. Easy one, right? RIIIIIIGHT.

8. Make each other smile more.

This goes along with a majority of our resolutions. If we can stress less, live more and be good to ourselves we will most certainly accomplish this one.

We’d LOVE to hear your New Year’s Resolutions, too. Come on and don’t be shy! Comment below!


We’re Baaaack

14 Nov

Phew….it’s been a loooong Sumer/Fall transition for us! From moving into our new home state of Georgia to traveling like crazy people to starting a new job, August, September, October and November have been a little hectic in our house.

We’re happy to say we’re back in the saddle and ready to start blogging again (and by we I really mean I since I’ve yet to lasso Ben into posting…a girl can dream, right?).

So here’s the short catch up session on what we’ve been up to via pictures:


I spent the middle/end of August at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas for work. As usual, after 10 days and -5 hours of sleep per night in a hotel, the team starts to get a little crazy.

I have no explanation

Ate the whole thing!

Playing with a Serta Sheep

A Cheese Cart! Squeal!

Me & Sarah at the Staff Dinner

In late August Ben and I took a trip up to New York to see my grandparents only to get stuck in the middle of Hurricane Irene. She ruined all sorts of wonderful plans we had like seeing Hair and exploring in the city. We hunkered down and spent lots of quality time with my grandparents and it turned out to be a wonderful trip.

Crazy Hurricane Force Winds

Hurricane Sunset

Poppo, Grandma, Me, Ben

Action Packed Game of Monopoly (Spoiler Alert: Grandma Wins!)

Walkway Over the Hudson - Post Irene

I went to sleep away camp for 7 years in upstate New York and was so excited to visit the Quickway Diner – a huge treat after 4 weeks every summer of camp food. I talked up the dish I remembered most, Disco Fries (fries, gravy, cheese…what a combo) and everyone thought it sounded disgusting.

Quickway Diner

Behold...Disco Fries


BTW...he loved it!


My co-workers threw Ben and I a going away party and got us some really thoughtful and awesome gifts.

Ben, David, Me and Marc

Katherine, Dawn, Me and Susie

Sarah, Me and Ashley

They got us a bottle of Corzo Silver Tequila (if you haven’t tried it go STRAIGHT to a liquor store and make yourself a margarita), golf balls for Ben, sticky notes (I love me some sticky notes), organic dog cookies for Rocky and some other great goodies. They also had a picture of Ben and I framed that was taken for early marketing materials for a venue that my company opened up (we were dressed as a bride and groom). Included in the frame were inspirational quotes that come on Yogi Tea bags that I had been saving. AND if that wasn’t sweet enough they had the whole thing matted in garnet and gold (can I get a Go Noles?!).


I said goodbye to my good friend Sarah one more time over wings, beer and football :).

I miss you 😦

We moved out of our old apartment in NC and into our new apartment in Atlanta on September 7th.

Rocky & Ben in our empty apartment in NC

New Apartment in Atlanta

We went to see Coldplay at Piedmont Park and it was absolutely amazing. The band, the production, the laser light show…the whole thing was really phenomenal.

Jaimi and I saw Wicked with our friend Lizzie and their mamas and naturally we cried like babies and then sang all the way home.

Go see this now!

I went to Orlando for work and then back home for my sister-in-law’s Bridal Shower.

She was a BEAUTIFUL bride!


My friend from college, Lindsay, came to Atlanta for a quick visit and to see Jaimi and I.

Jaimi, Me, and Lindsay

And Ben’s friends from college plus our old neighbor from NC came up for a weekend to visit (8 boys + 1 girl + Ben + Me + 2 dogs = how did we do this in a two bedroom apartment?). We squished in and had a great weekend. Saturday the boys took off to Auburn for the Florida game and I got this text.

A Florida Gator with an Auburn Tiger Tale = Asking for it!

My friend Lauren found a guy in a bar and we borrowed his Auburn ears and tail so we could send this back.

Ben went to Tampa for his brother’s Bachelor Party and they chartered a fishing boat.

Man Love...I don't get it

Ben's Dad

I went to Maui for work plus a little vacation with my step mom and sister.

Me and Ashley - Before Scuba Diving

Me and Denise

View from lunch at Mala

I’ll do a big update on Maui later once I’ve collected all the pictures from the girls (hint, hint ladies!).


Last weekend we went to Ben’s brother’s wedding in Ft. Lauderdale.

Rehearsal Dinner


And Ben tried out for an adult hockey league here in Atlanta, passed the bar and got sworn in as a lawyer. So proud of this guy!


It's official!

Well…that’s all for now. I’ll resume regular posting this week. Looking forward to sharing lots of yummy recipes (creamy tomato soup from the fabulous blog Eat, Live, Run plus lots more), Maui pictures and some great restaurant reviews.

Have a great week, y’all!

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