Recipe Monday: Chicken and Dumplings

12 Dec

Hey guys! How was everyone’s weekend? Busy holiday shopping/attending holiday parties? Us too! We also stopped into one of the gems in our neighborhood, Il Localino, on Friday night for the first time. WOWZER…this place is nuts…I’m talking ON.ANOTHER.LEVEL! But the food is really good and if you’re in the mood to party and drink it’s a great place to go. More on that later this week.

It’s getting really cold here in Atlanta (for this Florida girl anyway) and we’ve been eating lots of warm, hearty meals to keep the chill off.

Last Friday Ben and I stayed in to bake these cookies and try out a new Chicken and Dumplings recipe that we found. Oh yea, and we wanted to relax a little.

Well, relax we did but not before we gorged ourselves with some incredible comfort food. I was kinda intimidated by this recipe because I’ve never made anything like it before but it was easy as pie and O.M.G soooo good.

The original recipe is from Eat Live Run via Tasty Kitchen.

Chicken and Dumplings Eat Live Run

Chicken and Dumplings


  • 2 cups Flour
  • ½ teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 1 pinch Salt + more to taste
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 1 cup Milk, A Bit Less Than A Full Cup
  • 2 quarts Chicken Broth
  • 1 whole Whole Foods Salt and Pepper Rotisserie Chicken, chopped
  • Pepper to taste


In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt. Cut the butter into the dry ingredients with a fork or pastry blender. Stir in the milk, mixing with a fork until the dough forms a ball.

Heavily flour a work surface. You’ll need a rolling pin and something to cut the dumplings with. I used a pizza cutter.

Roll the dough out thin with a heavily floured rolling pin (if you think it’s thin enough, go a little thinner). Dip your cutter in flour and cut the dumplings in squares about 2″x2″. It’s okay for them not to be exact. Just eye ball it. Some will be bigger, some smaller, some shaped funny. It’s all good and taste the same :).

Put all of your dough squares on a heavily floured plate. Just keep flouring between the layers of dumplings.

To cook, bring the broth to a boil. Drop the dumplings in one at a time, stirring while you add them. The extra flour on them will help thicken the broth. Cook them for about 20 minutes or until they aren’t doughy tasting anymore. Add the cooked chicken to the pot and you’re done!

Seriously…that’s all there is to it! Make this pronto and let me know how you like it!


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