Local Gem: The Soup Mama

10 Dec

Long before we moved to Atlanta I stumbled upon a wonderful blog by The Soup Mama. It’s about the sweetest, most lovely woman, Liana Sisco, who lives in Atlanta and delivers soup to her neighbors on her bike each Tuesday.

The Soup Mama, Liana

From her website:

The Soup Mama delivers fresh and delicious soup to your home or office by bicycle.  It’s a good thing:  fresh, organic, locally sourced (when available), homemade soup delivered to your door every week.  I deliver the soup in 1 quart mason jars (2 huge servings) along with fabulous bread.   I cook on Monday and deliver on Tuesday.  If you’re not home, no worries:  Just leave a small cooler and I’ll deposit the soup there.  The next week, when I deliver your new soup I’ll pick up last week’s mason jar….just like the milk man (only it’s soup).

The week we moved in, I e-mailed Liana to tell her how excited I was to place my first order. The soup that week was creamy chicken and wild rice. Ben was skeptical. And then he ate the soup. And now we order the soup every week and Tuesday is our favorite dinner night. The Soup Mama won him over :).

This past week Good Day Atlanta followed the Soup Mama around on her delivery day and did a great story on her. Lucky for us, the camera man was around for OUR delivery and….we made the news! Actually, Rocky, Ben’s best friend Dan who is staying with us and I made the news…Ben missed out.

The Boys eating Lentil Soup with Grilled Cheese (yes we eat at the coffee table!)

Check out the article here and video!

German Potato Soup is on the menu for next week! If you’re interested, check out the blog or e-mail The Soup Mama at yesplease@thesoupmama.com.



2 Responses to “Local Gem: The Soup Mama”

  1. Andrea @ LetLooseLittell December 10, 2011 at 2:09 PM #

    Oh, I love this! 1. What an inspiring way to embrace your community through a little bit of comfort food… such an incredible neighbor to have 2. I remember you telling me we should do this in VT way back when…and you’re right 3. I think it’s only fitting that you’ve already made the news after being in atl for 3 months – classic! xo

    • Boy Girl Dog December 11, 2011 at 11:58 AM #

      Girrrrlll (I’m writing this with Susie Lamb’s voice in my head!)….you’ve got to visit and I’ve got to get you some soup. SO.FREAKING.GOOD! You guys could absolutely do this in VT :).

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