Pinterest Challenge

7 Dec

Have you guys ever seen the Pinterest Challenge on Young House Love and Bower Power? These girls find really neat crafts on Pinterest and actually do them instead of gawk at them all day long (talking about myself here).

In case you missed it, Sherry from YHL took this pin:

WOWZA! That's a lotta clothes pins!

And made this baby for their laundry room:

Is that crafty or what? And check out what Katie from BP found on Pinterest:

And what she made:

How crafty and inventive?!

This girl right here was totally inspired, so I decided to try out my own little Pinterest Challenge with two friends of mine, Jaimi and Katelyn.

I was in desperate need of a way to store my jewelry in the bedroom that wasn’t too girly so the husband would’t mind (i.e. no sparkles, glitter or gems…damn!) and found these awesome frame jewelry holders.

The directions were simple enough. Buy a frame, take out the glass, attach cork tiles, cover with fabric, stick push pins in. If I wanted to get fancy I could have painted the frame and jazzed up the push pins, but I kept it simple and clean.

Jaimi and Katelyn Working on their Frames

Messing Around with Corks

My Finished Project

We had a blast making these and I’m totally ready to take on another project. Fabric wall art, anyone?

Happy Pining!


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