Sleepy Weekend + Breaking Dawn

20 Nov

It’s been a sloooow weekend for the Wiles. Ben and I are both fighting off colds (I’m currently losing the fight) so we got lots of sleep this weekend.

We took Rocky to Piedmont Dog Park on Saturday and a lovely stroll around the neighborhood on Sunday.


Dog Park Hangover


Making Friends in the Neighborhood


On Thursday I went to the midnight showing on Breaking Dawn. I think this article best discribes my thoughts on the movie. I loved the books…well, actually all except Breaking Dawn. It just got a little too sci fi for me. I mean, I can deal with hot, steamy vampires and werewolves, but vampire babies? Too much for this girl.


Back up ladies


I’ll still see Part 2 because let’s be honest…Edward and Jacob are hot. Wow…I’m such a grownup.


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