Off to Texas

16 Aug

I’m off to Texas for 10 days, y’all!

I’ll be staying here in Grapevine. I guess it’s true… everything is bigger in Texas because this place is MASSIVE.

Gaylord Texan

And I’ll be working like a crazy lady…up at 4 AM, down past midnight (such an old lady) but I’ll get to hang out with some of my favorite people from work and they make all the long hours totally worth it.

Staff Dinner 2010 - Las Vegas

I’ll be back in NC on August 25th and then Ben and I are doing a quick turnaround and heading to NYC to visit my grandparents.

Winter 2010 - The cutest grandparents

After NYC we’ve got 6 days left in Winston Salem so we’ll be busy packing up all our stuff and then MOVING TO ATLANTA!

The next few weeks will be crazy busy for us but we’ll do our best to blog about it all. I’m trying to convince Ben to write a blog post while I’m gone. Think he’ll do it?

– BGD –


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