The House Divided

12 Aug

I’m getting realllllly excited about the start of college football season (I’m actually getting goosebumps as I write!). It means beautiful weather, cook-outs, tailgating and FIERCE rivalry in our house. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you like to see a married couple get rowdy over football!) Ben and I went to rival schools.

And will NEVER find this on my car because I refuse to put anything Gator on anything I own

Our teams play each other EVERY Thanksgiving weekend and up until last year my team was down a few (6 consecutive years of losses including the 4 that I was there, but who’s counting?).

My Seminoles are starting this year ranked preseason #5 while the Gators are all the way doooooown at # 23. Must be lonely at the bottom….just sayin!

Although I’ll ALWAYS be a Coach Bowden supporter (fun fact…Ben and I met him on our Honeymoon!), I’m so pleased with the change that Coach Fisher has brought to our program .

So handsome in their Garnet and Gold

Here’s to another year of college football…can’t wait to see what it brings! Oh…and go Noles (boo Gators!)!


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