Goodbye Bar Exam!

7 Aug

Last week was a BIG week for us!

Last Sunday night I picked Ben up from his last study session for the Bar at Wake (also important to note this was his last study session for a test…EVER!).

Packing up his binders! Peace out library!

Getting books out of his locker for the last time!

I kinda got a little teary as we were walking out. It’s not that I spent much time there…I just spend so much time loathing this place because it kept Ben away from me! You’d think I’d be jumping for joy as we walked out for the last time!

So off we went on Monday morning to Atlanta, dog and all. Ben took the Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday and Mr. Roo and I made the drive down to join/keep him calm. Rocky is pretty much an AMAZING traveler. He’s been the back seat driver with us on trips for 14+ hours without so much as a peep! He just sleeps, pops his head up occasionally and enjoys the ride.

We shacked up at the Sheraton (dog friendly!) which was actually not the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in…not even close…not even clean. But they accepted dogs and we needed a place to stay, so stay we did.

Back seat driverI drove so Ben could teach me really interesting things like torts (not to be confused with tarts) and defamation (I think that IS a tort…shows you how much I learned).

Are we there yet?

After a crappy night of sleep (nerves!) , Ben got up, we had breakfast and he headed off to take…THE BAR! AHHH! I worked until 12:30 when I brought him lunch during his break. Because I’m anal and crazy, I showed up 45 minutes before his break…ya know…just in case…Subway sandwich in hand for my man.

Ben was relieved after starting the test and I could finally breathe easy and get the rest of my work done in the hotel room (accompanied by the cutest dog in the world) without butterflys in my stomach.

Who can get work done with this sweetness around?

We ate that night at a local College Park seafood restaurant, Spondivits. We both had the  blackened fresh catch (snapper) sandwich, and it was not bad at all. Good for an airport area restaurant.

Day one and two came and went and although the test wasn’t a breeze, it was over. Good riddance, bar exam.

Family Post Bar Pic

Some very sweet friends welcomed us into their super cute loft on Wednesday night for post-bar celebrations.

We ate dinner at P’Cheen, had dessert at Fritti and after dinner drinks and ping pong domination at Victory…all in Inman Park, our future stomping grounds.

We throughly enjoyed everything, especially when Ben tried to order our dessert in an Italian accent and the waitress responded with “Excuse me?”. PRICELESS!

And in case anyone was wondering, Ben is AMAZING at ping pong and will gladly challenge anyone to a game…in fact, let’s put some money on it. Momma needs a new MacBook!

Speaking of Mac, when we got home on Thursday Ben FINALLY opened his Bar present for Rocky and I.

A phone?

We’re relieved and happy that the test is over, and now starting to prepare for our move to Atlanta (September 7!)

– BGD –


One Response to “Goodbye Bar Exam!”

  1. LetLooseLittell August 9, 2011 at 6:31 PM #

    Hooray for this post!! Congrats to you both. And I gladly challenge Benjamin to a ping pong competition. I’m pretty much a bad@$$

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