Holy S*%$! It’s Bar Day!

26 Jul

And I’m not talking about St. Patty’s Day. Today is THE day. After months of studying, stressing and general unhappiness, today is the day that Ben takes the Georgia Bar. Good lord everyone cross your fingers, eyes and toes and hope for the best.

Let's hope not :/

Because of a little last minute doggy drama (not to worry, he’s A- OK), Rocky made the trek down to Atlanta (College Park) with Ben and I and is keeping me company during the day while Ben gets tortured takes the Bar. Come September 7th I’ll be working from home full time so I figured working from a hotel room a good practice, right? RIGHT!

Sunday night we packed up the car and we clearly have all the necessary Bar-taking items…

Popcorn, cheesy poofs, peanut butter cookies, animal crackers (my personal favorite), almonds and water (so we can pretend we’re eating healthy) and the creme de la creme… a Voges Bacon Chocolate Bar.

We’ll be hanging out in College Park until Thursday when we head back to Winston. There is lots of champagne, wine and beer ready for the man when we returns home. I have a really good feeling he’s going to be unconscious (from drinking or sleeping I’m not yet sure) and he absolutely deserves to sit on his butt and let his brain turn to mush for as looooong as he wants after the fun he’s been through.

– BGD –


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