Eating, Drinking and Laughing!

26 Jun

Sometimes I can’t stand Sundays. I get the Sunday blues thinking about the end to a fabulous weekend and the beginning of another work week. It’s not that I don’t love my job or enjoy what I do, I just enjoy the weekends a little more. At least I have a long, July 4th weekend to plan and look forward to.

Ben and I had a really nice weekend. He’s had his head in the books (and computer screen) studying for the Georgia Bar, so it’s pretty rare these days to get TWO weekend nights out of him. Lucky for me, this weekend I was able to weasel it out of him ;).

Friday night we had a quick bite at Burke Street Pizza, which is decent for Winston pizza and then we finally saw Bridesmaids!

Funniest S I've seen since Hangover (part one of course...part two was such a bummer )

I haven’t laughed that hard in a loooong time and I was actually crying and wheezing simultaneously during the airplane scene. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the preview is below.

Saturday night we checked out a new-ish restaurant in town,  Mooney’s Mediterranean Cafe. We were both pleasantly surprised with both the food and prices. They’re located on the corner of 4th & Liberty and we dined on their cute little patio. Ben got a gyro and tried the Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit (local NC brewery, check out their beer @ Whole Foods!) and I got a falafel pita with extra tahini and a glass of wine. For dessert we tried their baklava (meh). Overall, good food for the money since we got out of there for under $40 including tip. We will definitely go back and be more adventurous with our selections!

On Mooney's Patio

After dinner we met up with some friends on Trade Street and listened to a 70-80’s cover band. The band stopped playing around 9:30 PM (boo!) so we hopped over to Tate’s for some drinks. The place was absolutely packed (good for them!) and we stuck around for an hour or so. Even though I’m pretty much a beer and wine only girl, I love going to Tate’s because of their creative drink menu. I’ve had the Papa Doble (10 Cane Rum, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup and Grenadine) and the Bellini (Prosecco, Housemade White Peach Puree and Peach Cordial) and both were super delicious. Tate’s also offers small plates by Winston’s own Holly Tate Fine Catering, but we’ve yet to try them.

Today we visited one of my FAVORITE spots in Winston for brunch, Breakfast of Course (Mary’s Too). We’ve been going to Mary’s since we moved to Winston and followed her to the new location downtown. The walls are decked out by local artists and she uses fresh, local ingredients in her food. There is usually a long wait and the food doesn’t come out quick, but it’s seriously worth it. Her menu is imaginative and fun and I always leave Mary’s smiling (my tummy does, too). Today I had a baby-sized omelet (which is not baby-sized at all) with spinach, tomato, onion and jalapeno pimento cheese with a biscuit and asparagus as my side plus a cup of decaf Krankie’s coffee (Fair-Trade, Organic and so, so good). Aahhhhh-mazing.  Ben had scrambled eggs, bacon, a croissant, grits and a cup of regular Krankie’s coffee. Mary’s is one of those must visit places in Winston and every time we have friends or family come to town it’s one of our first stops.

What did everyone do this weekend? Any July 4th plans (we need some!)?

Well, I’m off to work out and go grocery shopping. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did.



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